About Us

KROMATIKS is a dynamic, extremely focussed company, devoted exclusively to colour dispersions. At present, we concentrate on three business areas - FIBREGLASS REINFORCED PLASTICS, EPOXIDE RESINS and POLYURETHANES (Flexible as well as Rigid). We enjoy a strong leadership position in all these business segments.

Right from the start, our watch words have been QUALITY, SERVICE and CREDIBILITY, and we believe our success can be attributed to these. At KROMATIKS, customer satisfaction is not just marketing jargon used while making the sale. Our emphasis has been on retaining existing customers through world-class quality and unparalleled service.

Our business is pigment dispersions in various categories, but our approach is all about chemistry - establishing alliances, strengthening bonds, arriving at solutions together with our customers - we have found it is the best way to work. In fact it is the foundation of our whole way of doing business.