Pigments for Fibreglass Reinforced Plastics

The KROMATIKS range of high quality pigment pastes offer users a wide range of distinct colour shades, specially formulated to impart weatherability and colour fastness. All KROMATIKS pigment pastes are based on stable, lightfast pigments and reactive media.

The colour pastes are made using a specifically formulated, monomer-free unsaturated polyester resin as the medium (vehicle). This vehicle resin is compatible with almost all known polyester resins and gelcoats.

KROMATIKS colour pastes are a blend of top quality pigment powders (inorganic and organic) finely dispersed into the monomer-free unsaturated polyester resin for maximum storage stability. The pigment powders used are designed for each particular applications, whether your application is in the automobile body building workshops, FRP and cultured marble industries, SMC and DMC manufacturers, overhead storage tanks manufacturers, etc.

KROMATIKS pigment pastes are to be used at 8% and 12% in clear polyester gelcoat and at between 3% and 5% in clear polyester backing resin. All the colours are manufactured to a tolerance of CIELAB D.E.0.5 from a master standard. Uniformity of the colour can be affected by:

  1. Batch variation of the colour of the clear resin or gelcoat particularly with paler shades.
  3. Incorrect weighing of the colour paste. The addition must be done by weight due to variation in specific gravities of the colour paste.
  5. Varying gelcoat thickness.
  7. Inaccurately added catalyst and accelerators.

Our reputation comes from our excellence in customer service. We tailor make any colour based on the customers' requirements including those from RAL, BS, Pantone range of colours as well as our in house shades.