New Avenues

Kromatiks has always believed in Quality, Consistency, Credibility and keeping our customers satisfied with our Shades of Excellence. New developments at Kromatiks include:

Pigmented Designer Tiles and Inter-Lock Pavers are the modern replacement for surfacing open areas, Porticos, driveways and open exteriors. To avoid  the fading of pigmented surfaces by using conventional powders in turn affecting  the beauty of the layout, Kromatiks is offering a ready made solution in the form of Pigment formulations.  They give a uniform, patch free fresh look to the surface of these laid out or fresh designer tiles/pavers and do not fade in the long run. Kromatiks pigment pastes provide an aesthetically superior quality to end products. We now offer colour concentrates for white as well as coloured ultra gloss or matt PU Top Coats (base pastes mixed with specific glossy and matt PU converters ) for furniture and furnishing sector,

Colour concentrates for Wood Lamination Polyester Coatings which is an import substitute.
Epoxy concentrates specially formulated for Stained Glass application, Customisation of colours for windmill manufacturers.