Pigments for Polyurethanes

Kromatiks colours for Polyurethane foams are a blend of high quality pigments finely dispersed in polyether polyols of various molecular weights for colouring pu foam of various densities. The correct choice of dispersing medium and chemical nature of the pigment is crucial because of the large number of variables involved in the foaming process. The polyol used as the dispersing agent in the KROMATIKS colour pastes is a polyether polyol, as the carrier polyol, due to its reactivity, becomes a fully integrated part of the foam (slab stock). The physical properties of the final foam remains unchanged even when high use levels are applied.

Kromatiks' repertoire consists of variants of RED, YELLOW, ORANGE, GREEN, BLUE, VIOLET and BLACK and are available in a wide variety of new, exciting shades to choose from unlike imported colour pastes and colorants where only 4-5 primary colours are offered. Users do not have to take the trouble of mixing by trial-and-error the limited number of primary colours to achieve the desired shade. The colours are manufactured to a tolerance of CIELAB D.E.1 from a master standard.

Our quick response to customers colour matching requests is legendary. Our in-house Test Foaming laboratory speedily handles new shade or colour requests. Users need not install expensive computer controlled colour matching equipment. All they need to do is call from us the exact quantity of any colour they need.

The wide variety of additives do not have any effect on colour pastes which can be used not only for Flexible Foams but also for Integral Skin and Rigid Foams.

Appearance and physical properties of the final foam remain unaffected because the vehicle is a reactive polyether polyol, which makes the pigment paste an integral part of the foam.

KROMATIKS colour pastes for PU Foam are preferred in applications like Cushioning, Automotive Accessories, Packaging, Electronics and Appliances etc.