Each ingredient is selected based on the customer's end application.

Each pigment is run through a series of performance checks before it is offered.

Hi-tech performance-specific additives are used to enhance the required properties.

For FRP we use a specially designed polyester resin that works synergistically with the pigment powder and is compatible with the plethora of resins and gel coats available in the market.

Our quick response to customers color matching requests is legendary. For Polyurethane foams our in-house Test Foaming laboratory speedily handles new shade or color requests. Unlike in colorants and imported color pastes, users do not have to hold huge inventories of all the 5 primary colors and waste time matching them. Users also need not install expensive computer controlled color matching equipment. All they need to do is call from us the exact quantity of any color they need.

We have an installed capacity of 1200 p.a. And all our units are ISO 9001:2008

We have State-of-the-art processing equipment and trained personnel to deliver products of consistent quality.